How to Use Silence to Stay Focused

by Tim Berry

Today I’m recommending another in John Jantsch’s Recover You series: How to Use Silence to Stay Focused. Everybody should read it. I love reading John on how to live better. In his case, it’s a natural extension of his brand on business advice. Do yourself a favor. Read this. Think about it. Do it. Read More »


A Marketing Expert’s Must-Read Advice on Living Better

by Tim Berry

I’m proud to say John Jantsch, the world’s number one expert on small business marketing,  is a friend of mine. I’ve worked with him for years and I’ve learned a lot from him. For example, I still use his definition of marketing (“getting people to know, like, and trust you”) almost daily. His wisdom has... Read More »


10 Tips For Starting a Service Business

by Tim Berry

You can see the request here on the right, posted to me on Twitter. I decided it’s a good subject for a blog post here, and I went on my own first as a service business and survived that way for 12 years before Palo Alto Software finally established itself as a product company.  So... Read More »

What Kind of Advertising for a Startup

by Tim Berry

I revised my website a couple of months ago and one of the additions was the ask me page where I offering to answer questions people ask. This question came to me from that page and I think it might be a useful answer for this blog. Question: I just started a small business... Read More »


5 Good Posts for Friday April 22

by Tim Berry

It is now fixed so I haven’t lost my last two weeks of blogging, and all of your comments, from yesterday’s Amazon Cloud server failure. In the meantime, life goes on. These are some posts I’ve collected this week, posts I want to recommend: Little Bets Can Make a Big Difference: Dan Schawbel’s review of... Read More »

A Few Good Posts for a Friday

by Tim Berry

These are some posts I recommended reading this week. My absolute favorite this week was Mark Suster’s 9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month, on TechCrunch. Mark’s Both Sides of the Table is a great blog, by the way. And this is the thought at the heart of that post: Over funding often... Read More »


10 Blogging Tips. My 1,000th Post on This Blog

by Tim Berry

Last night I was halfway through a draft post patting myself on the back, illustrated with champagne glasses, when my youngest daughter, Megan, called from San Francisco, where she lives now. That’s @MeganBerry to you, blogger and social media expert,  marketing manager of So I asked her this: “What do I do with my... Read More »


Build A Referral Engine Right

by Tim Berry

I love this paragraph: There are three ingredients necessary for a rewarding and successful business experience: You must enjoy what you do and feel a sense of purpose; you must be good at what you do; and you must be able to convince other people to pay you for what you do. That’s from John... Read More »


Humility, Leadership, and Self Promotion, Oh My

by Tim Berry

What happens if you make light of your achievements, shun the spotlight, and pass the microphone on to the next person in line? Will this stunt your career growth? I’ve worried about this for years. I used to deal with a guy who did very well as a professional expert, while knowing not much more... Read More »


Why Men With Pens is Written by a Woman. And Why That Matters.

by Tim Berry

Honestly, except for the name itself, I’ve never cared or wondered whether the author of Men With Pens was man or woman. It’s a good blog for writers. I did assume man, of course, because of the name of the blog, and the byline. This isn’t something I think about. But I was shocked to... Read More »