Paul Berry Interview June 2016

Social media guru Paul Berry, CEO of RebelMouse, can see the future. (No, not really) | Fox News Latino

by Tim Berry

My video this week is an interview: Social media guru Paul Berry, CEO of RebelMouse, can see the future. (No, not really) | Fox News Latino: Some excepts from the accompanying story: “Change is happening faster and faster than it ever has before,” Paul Berry, the CEO and founder of tech company RebelMouse, told Fox News... Read More »


Do Big Tech Companies Become Too Big Not to Fail?

by Tim Berry

I caught this one yesterday on Medium: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. It’s by Dare Obasanjo on Hacker Daily (great title, by the way). It’s a well-thought-out discussion of how Google and Facebook culture achieved a substantial shift of strategy in a way that others (Blockbuster facing Netflix, and Blackberry facing iPhone) couldn’t. Here’s the summary. “when... Read More »


Can Research Make You Dumber?

by Tim Berry

(Reposted with permission from my social media business plans blog) Can research make you dumber? It can if you believe it. I just read Can Facebook Make You Fat and Poor? on Mashable. It’s a post by David Mielach, of BusinessNewsDaily. In particular, the researchers found that social media users were more likely to binge eat and... Read More »


Did They Copy Your Idea? Deal With It.

by Tim Berry

This troubles me. App Developer Says Facebook Stole Idea for “Find Friends Nearby”. I don’t know the app, haven’t used it, and I’m not a lawyer, but I hate it when people complain about some big company stealing their ideas. Ideas get copied all the time. Have you seen the web? Have you seen books,... Read More »

Sheryl Sandberg Wikipedia

Sheryl Sandberg Named To Facebook Board Of Directors (Finally!)

by Tim Berry

Consider this a quick update, something that was obvious from the beginning: my post Sheryl Sandberg Named To Facebook Board Of Directors (Finally!). Yes, I agree. Finally. And I’m glad to say I was on that bandwagon with Facebook Needs At Least One Woman on Its Board, which I posted here and on the Huffington post... Read More »

Facebook Needs at Least One Woman on Its Board

Facebook Needs at Least One Woman on Its Board

by Tim Berry

(Note: I posted this earlier today on the Huffington Post. I’m reposting it here because this is my main blog, and I believe what I wrote, so I want it here too.) Why would a startup as important as Facebook, run by somebody as young as Mark Zuckerberg, whose users are more than 50 percent... Read More »


Age vs. Experience Not Always Obvious

by Tim Berry

It must be awfully hard to be a Gen Y person and have to deal with all the discussion about Gen Y and Gen Y stereotypes. At least with my generation, the baby boomers, we were all just one big vague hippy-long-hair-freedom stereotype and we didn’t mind it. But with Gen Y, all this stuff... Read More »


What Would You Do About This Facebook Post?

by Tim Berry

Hats off to Inc Magazine for this great treatment of a problem a lot of business owners face. In this case it’s a man named Mark, who discovers: Recently an employee put a photo of the cover of the book Your Company Sucks on their own Facebook wall, titling the entry “Succinct.” To his great... Read More »


Q&A: How Do I Sell My Idea to A Big Company?

by Tim Berry

This is another email question I received via my ask-me-a-question form on my site. I’ve edited it slightly: I recently read your article protect your ideas and I have an idea that I want to protect and want to pitch to a company. I don’t know if I can turn my idea into a... Read More »

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Curation is the New Creation

by Tim Berry

I think it was inevitable. First, the web, then blogs. Content is king. Then Facebook, and then Twitter, and social media is real. Long live the king. The king is dead. We’re gagging on all the content. We need curation. We need to gather and collect — call that curate — our favorite content. The... Read More »