If You Can’t Get Funding, It’s You, Not Them

by Tim Berry

You can’t get your new business funded? Damn, that’s disappointing. But does it prove that the world is unfair? All those other people get funded and you don’t? Or that the world is stupid? I don’t think so. I think what it proves is that you don’t have the deal right. Investors don’t want it.... Read More »

10 Lessons Learned in 22 Years of Bootstrapping

by Tim Berry

(I posted this yesterday on Small Business Trends. I’m reposting here because this is my main blog, and it belongs here too. Tim ) Last week a group of students interviewed me, as part of a class project, looking for secrets and keys to success. They were asking me because after 22 years of bootstrapping,... Read More »

Do We All Undervalue Bootstrapping?

by Tim Berry

In business schools, in popular blogs, in business publications, and in general discussion of starting a business, we undervalue bootstrapping. We teach starting a business as if every new business requires sophisticated venture capital. I understand how this can be... Read More »