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Infographic: Does Big Business Control the World?

by Tim Berry

The infographic here reminds me of the 1970’s movie Rollerball, in which the world was controlled by seven corporations: food, energy, entertainment, transportation, etc. It seemed at the time, when I saw it, like a reasonable guess at the future. But then there’s the change led by technology, which seems to splinter the world and allow... Read More »


Is All Good Business Inherently Social Enterprise?

by Tim Berry

I liked the phrase social entrepreneurship instantly when I first heard it. It’s doing well by doing good, I assumed, building businesses that help people. A business doesn’t have to not make a profit to do good, so the idea of social entrepreneurship makes sense. Teach kids to read, help people stay healthy, clean the... Read More »


Verizon and AT&T Lessons in Marketing

by Tim Berry

One thing I’ve seen forever is the power of a strong simple reason to buy (if you like buzzwords, call it value proposition, or USP, for unique selling proposition) in advertising. Don’t be funny. Make a simple obvious point. True, advertising is struggling to change as fast as media splinters. But the simple point is... Read More »


Apple Computer Role Reversal as Big Brother

by Tim Berry

What delicious irony. The champion of the little guy has become big brother. Remember the groundbreaking first Macintosh television commercial, in 1984, with the young woman throwing a hammer into the giant video screen on an evil big brother, smashing it into bits? There’s a role reversal going on. Apple Computer has taken the establishment... Read More »