social media earthquake

Social Media Marketing Earthquake, Content Tsunami

by Tim Berry

(My latest column in the Eugene Register Guard. Click here for the original. Reposted here with permission) Social media marketing earthquake The social media marketing earthquake is already here. And, in keeping with the forecast theme in this month’s blue chip, here’s a prediction: content marketing tsunami. The shaking started as social media took off... Read More »


5 Good Posts for Friday April 22

by Tim Berry

It is now fixed so I haven’t lost my last two weeks of blogging, and all of your comments, from yesterday’s Amazon Cloud server failure. In the meantime, life goes on. These are some posts I’ve collected this week, posts I want to recommend: Little Bets Can Make a Big Difference: Dan Schawbel’s review of... Read More »

thief_shutterstock_62787367_Oleg Golovnev

Endorse Me, You Gypsy Savage, Endorse Me!

by Tim Berry

On the one hand, who likes big government? The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, sounds like the feds. Gear up your paranoia. On the other hand, who likes fake endorsements? And then — can I borrow your hand to make the third hand, please — wow! How can we resist highlighting this: On Monday the FTC... Read More »


Take a Break. Get Out for a While. Do Something for Yourself.

by Tim Berry

I really like Anita Campbell’s How to Put the Life Back Into Your Company post yesterday on the American Express OPEN Forum. She starts: After the past two years of the recession – watching expenses like a hawk and keeping a close eye on receivables – it wouldn’t be surprising if you ended up with... Read More »


10 Blogging Tips. My 1,000th Post on This Blog

by Tim Berry

Last night I was halfway through a draft post patting myself on the back, illustrated with champagne glasses, when my youngest daughter, Megan, called from San Francisco, where she lives now. That’s @MeganBerry to you, blogger and social media expert,  marketing manager of So I asked her this: “What do I do with my... Read More »


Why Men With Pens is Written by a Woman. And Why That Matters.

by Tim Berry

Honestly, except for the name itself, I’ve never cared or wondered whether the author of Men With Pens was man or woman. It’s a good blog for writers. I did assume man, of course, because of the name of the blog, and the byline. This isn’t something I think about. But I was shocked to... Read More »


Can You Do It: Business Pitch in 140 Characters

by Tim Berry

Brevity is good. Brevity for business pitches is good too. The idea of pitching a new business in a single 140-character tweet (pardon the expression) is intriguing to me. Do you think you could do that? Celebrity entrepreneur Richard Branson is pitching a Twitter pitch contest as part of a startup training program he’s involved... Read More »


Dan Schawbel, Me 2.0, and Personal Branding

by Tim Berry

What does personal branding mean to you? To me it used to be about well-known experts whose names became brands in an almost-traditional business sense: Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Tom Peters; they were experts whose names sold books and speaking engagements. Lately my view of personal branding has expanded as I start following John Jantsch,... Read More »