How I Beat A Patent Troll

True Story of Beating a Patent Troll

by Tim Berry

The patent system as it relates to software and the web and mobile apps is broken. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t protect the right people and it’s being used by the wrong people for what amounts to extortion. Oh, I’m sorry — you didn’t know that? Just my opinion, you say? Yes. My opinion. And... Read More »

The Global Corruption We Don’t See

The Global Corruption We Don’t See. Why Not?

by Tim Berry

Here is another fascinating TED talk. Charmian Gooch with Meet global corruption’s hidden players. I’m shocked. Take a few minutes to watch this. In case you can’t see it, you can click here for the original on YouTube. Read More »


How Human Recall Screws Up Management and What To Do About It

by Tim Berry

When the experts dig down into it, human recall doesn’t work. What you remember isn’t what happened; it’s a mosaic of truth, impressions, past experience, guesswork, etc. If you have any doubt, watch the riddle of experience vs. memory and why eyewitnesses get it wrong on TED. This cuts hard into the fundamentals of management.... Read More »

Excellent TED Talk

How to Fix the USA: Excellent TED Talk

by Tim Berry

If you’re a citizen of the USA you should spend the minutes to listed to to Lawrence Lessig’s TED talk, “We the people and the republic we must reclaim.” This is completely bipartisan, spans liberals and conservatives, and addresses problems that affect all of us, regardless of views on any specific issue. I’m embedding it... Read More »

To This Day

To This Day for the Bullied and Beautiful

by Tim Berry

Beautiful, haunting, poetic “to this day” for the bullied and beautiful If you don’t see this here, click this link for the original on YouTube. Read More »

TED Top 20

20 Excellent Online TED Talks

by Tim Berry

TED — stands for Technology, Education, and Design — is a great resource. They recently posted their top 20 most watched talks. This is a great resource. I’m happy to see that I’ve already posted, previously, several of these on this blog. And this is a great list. Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity... Read More »

Go Ahead And Disagree

Go Ahead: Disagree. I dare you.

by Tim Berry

This one had me from the moment I saw the title: Dare to Disagree. I clicked, watched, and I love it. Good disagreement is central to progress. She illustrates (sometimes counterintuitively) how the best partners aren’t echo chambers — and how great research teams, relationships and businesses allow people to deeply disagree. I’ve seen this... Read More »

Ket to the Pitch

Key to the Pitch: Make Me Care

by Tim Berry

Never underestimate the business value of the good story. Business planning is telling stories and making them happen. Startups make stories come true. In this delightful TED talk storyteller (filmmaker) Andrew Stanton boils it down to this: Make me care. If you want to sell a business idea, tell it as a story. The best... Read More »


Will Success Spoil

by Tim Berry

I’ve watched dozens of TED talks online and never seen a bad one. TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design. It started in 1984. Since 1990 it was located in a conference center outside of Monterrey CA. Since 2001 it’s been curated mainly by Chris Anderson. Most TED conferences were amazing. I’ve never been, but... Read More »

Truth, Magic, Stories, and the Digital Campfire

Truth, Magic, Stories, and the Digital Campfire

by Tim Berry

Do yourself a favor and watch Marco Tempest on this brilliant six-minute TED video. If you don’t see it here, use this link to go to the TED site to watch it. After you’re done, I’d like to tell two true stories that seem somehow related. And before the video, I want to highlight some... Read More »