Video: Startup Funding. Bootstrap. Then “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.”

by Tim Berry

I stumbled on this brilliant video of an after-hours startup funding event at the Stanford business school, a panel discussion putting two of the best-known, most influential, and most successful investors (Marc Andreessen and Ron Conway) together with another successful entrepreneur (Parker Conrad, founder of Zenefits), a moderator, and a group of interested entrepreneurs. The... Read More »


Infographic – $20 Billion a Year in VC Investment

by Tim Berry

My thanks to Angel Investment Network Blog for this Infographic – US Venture Capital Trends by State and Industry: Read More »


Do You Have What Investors Want?

by Tim Berry

What do investors want? I’ve read more than 100 business plans in the last two months. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly predictable on this point. Investors want disruptive. Investors want game changing. But not just saying it. Being able to believe it. Two of every three plans says it. Only a very few make it actually believable.... Read More »


Is Venture Capital Gone Forever

by Tim Berry

I completely agree with Steve King of Small Business Labs, in Is the Venture Capital Industry Broken? He says: The news here isn’t that the VC industry is broken. This has been actively discussed for years. The news is who’s saying it’s broken. Which is, in the flap this month, the Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation has long... Read More »


Disrupt Education … Please!

by Tim Berry

I wonder if we as a society are ever going to figure out how technology can disrupt our antiquated systems for educating our children. Think about what’s happened to information, social interaction, research, and business over the web — not to mention mobile technology — and then think about education. Preschool, K-12, and higher education.... Read More »


What Kickstarter Means to You — Maybe

by Tim Berry

I’ve had several visits to in the last week. First because some friends of mine are looking to launch a project there. Second, because I’m getting so interested in crowdfunding. Third, because of the Three Years of Kickstarter Projects infographic on At kickstarter, I saw the Pebble project that’s raised more than $8... Read More »


Is There a Tech Bubble? We’ll Know If It Pops

by Tim Berry

Earlier today I posted disruption vs. revenue and the tech bubble on the blog. I’m suggesting in that post that some special-case web-based startups have to choose between disruption or revenue, because they can’t have both. That may or may not be true, but I’ve been guilty of suggesting it is to a couple... Read More »


Blaming Angels and VCs for Choosing is Like Blaming Up for Down

by Tim Berry

I was happily reading Sramana Mitra’s The Other 99% of Entrepreneurs on Read/Write Web, agreeing with every detail, when I ran into a snag. It’s in italics in this quote from Sramana’s post. Over 99% of entrepreneurs who seek funding get rejected. Yet, the entire world is focused on the 1% that is “fundable.” The media,... Read More »


Is Your Startup Positioned in The Funding Gap?

by Tim Berry

Nice post by Bill Payne called The Funding Gap on the Blog. Here’s the summary: It is clear from this table that Friends and Family, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists provide 95% of the capital for new ventures. Friends and Family typically invest a few thousand to perhaps $10,000, and only a small number of... Read More »


You Can Take Your IRR and Shove It

by Tim Berry

In pitches and presentations everywhere, bright young entrepreneur tells cynical skeptical investors, usually with great pride and flourish, about their fabulous IRR for their great new startup. I get a gag reflex. IRR stands for internal rate of return. You can check wikipedia or investopedia for what that’s supposed to mean and how it’s calculated.... Read More »