Reshma Suajani TED talk

We’re Raising Girls to be Perfect, Boys to be Brave

by Tim Berry

Friday video, a TED talk, Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani is out to change the way the world looks at girls, tech, and girls in tech. Her non-profit Girls Who Code inspires high school girls to study computer science.  She aims to enroll one million women in the program by 2020 — and tech has... Read More »

Data Analysis

Invention is the Mother of Necessity: Technology and Productivity

by Tim Berry

Have you heard the standard cliche: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention?” In business technology and productivity, in my experience at least,  the old standard is reversed: the new truth is that Invention is the Mother of Necessity.” For example: Spreadsheets and Budgeting: When I started in business analysis back in the middle 1970s we... Read More »


Hackathon Weekend Magic

by Tim Berry

Have you been to a hackathon? Do you know what that is? People get together to play with programming and in a single weekend create something real. It’s an amazing phenomenon. Tomorrow and Sunday an MIT group is sponsoring one of these (Hack MIT) that’s open to college students from anywhere. And free. Most work... Read More »


Classroom Kindle with Big Brother Control One-Ups iPad

by Tim Berry

Interesting post: Amazon Just Beat Apple to the Classroom, on Gizmodo. I’ve been following ebooks and textbooks for more than 10 years now, expecting disruption. Textbooks are obsolete. It should have happened years ago. And there’s a lot going on now, but classrooms are still the same. In this one, post author Brian Barrett starts by... Read More »


The Mac vs. Windows Rivalry is Dead. Apple Won.

by Tim Berry

Whoops. It suddenly occurred to me: the old Mac-Windows rivalry is dead. There goes a bit of industry history. It used to be fun, back in the old days, when it mattered. If you’re old enough you’ll remember the famous 1984 Macintosh ad. I was generally forgiven by the Mac zealots for my weakness for... Read More »


Is There a Tech Bubble? We’ll Know If It Pops

by Tim Berry

Earlier today I posted disruption vs. revenue and the tech bubble on the blog. I’m suggesting in that post that some special-case web-based startups have to choose between disruption or revenue, because they can’t have both. That may or may not be true, but I’ve been guilty of suggesting it is to a couple... Read More »


A 2-Second Business Pitch that Worked

by Tim Berry

Last Thursday I’d just spoken as a guest to a class in entrepreneurship. As the class ended I was anxious to go because I was late for my grandson. The professor was thanking me and three students waited to talk to me individually. I didn’t want to be rude and I like talking to students,... Read More »


True Story: Programming, Paradox, and the Pot of Gold

by Tim Berry

Paradox is the spice of life. Maybe. Because life is full of contradictions and other hands. Take this very interesting juxtaposition. Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram, just sold it for $! billion to Facebook. And he built the Instagram prototype himself, in his spare time, after teaching himself to code, also in his... Read More »

Shopping Bag and computer mouse

Is The Very Idea of Designing Tech Products for Women Insulting?

by Tim Berry

(note: I posted this on the Huffington Post first, just about 10 minutes ago) Maybe it’s because I’m father to four daughters, maybe because of simple fair play, but if you read my stuff I’ve been a chronic complainer about the relatively low numbers of women in high tech and tech in general. And I... Read More »


Ideas: Evolutionary Computing and Internet As Brain

by Tim Berry

Call it coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity, or just random, but last week I was accidentally exposed to two seemingly unrelated ideas that ended up seeming very related to me. And they gave me a fascinating whack on the side of the head. I thought artificial intelligence had run its course, but computers that learn could be... Read More »