Startup Magic

Startups: The High of Creation, the Wizard of Oz

by Tim Berry

(Note: this is a rare guest post, the third in the right-year history of this blog. It was originally published in Medium as Why We Startup: the High of Creation and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by Megan Berry, head of product @RebelMouse, my daughter. I’m reposting because it captures the thrill, and the... Read More »


New Fremium Formula Pits Revenue Against User Satisfaction

by Tim Berry

What would you think of a restaurant that offered really good food, but the salad is free and the dressing is extra? The potatoes are free but the sour cream is extra. The soup is free but heating it costs extra. And table service is free if you wait two hours, but table service in... Read More »


I Love These 5 Use-Everywhere Apps

by Tim Berry

What makes good software? For me, the use-everywhere factor is a big deal. I work with a desktop using Windows 7, a Mac at home and a Macbook for travel, mobile phone and a tablet computer. The more my gadgets spread, the more I appreciate the apps that let me get to my workspace wherever... Read More »


I’m Loving the New Version of Business Plan Pro

by Tim Berry

If you’re a regular reader you know I don’t normally do sales pitches here on this blog, but this is special. Last week Palo Alto Software introduced a brand new version of Business Plan Pro incorporating (finally) my Plan-as-You-Go Business Planning ideas into the mainstream of the software. With this new version, when you start... Read More »


iPhone, Luvya and All That, but Couldya Clean This Up?

by Tim Berry

It’s not like I don’t know how to read around this, but with all the slickness of the iPhone, why allow this simple error? The high for the day is 92 degrees when the current temperature is 100 degrees? Isn’t that just sloppy? There is no computer language that doesn’t have an IF- THEN clause... Read More »


Is Flipboard’s Buzz Bad Timing or Good Marketing?

by Tim Berry

What do you think? Is this bad timing, a buzz-killing mistake, or artificial scarcity that creates more buzz? I was in an email conversation recently with the founder of one of the coolest new news apps available on the iPad, and he asked me what I thought about Flipboard. I’m guessing why he asked: all... Read More »

5 Things Avatar Can Teach You About Development

by Tim Berry

(Note: this is a guest post by Megan Berry (my daughter), social media evangelist for Mobclix. It was originally posted on the mobclix blog.) Avatar is a world-wide phenomenon and is currently the top grossing movie of all time*. How can you learn from its success and apply it to your own projects (even if... Read More »


Is Software Management Doomed?

by Tim Berry

Committees don’t make great software. It takes a single person, an author. Maybe he gets some help. Teams don’t do it. Nobody sees the whole elephant. I’m pretty sure I heard that basic sentiment first in about 1986, from Dave Winer, who was then the author of a Macintosh outlining program named More (now he’s... Read More »