How our Succession Strategy Worked

by Tim Berry

I've shared my sense of serendipity succession on this blog before -- see the category family business -- so I'm very happy to see Sabrina's view of that in How our Succession Strategy Worked on the yesterday. I feel... Read More »


6 Tips For Involving Your Kids in Your Business

by Tim Berry

How to involve your children in your business Read More »


The Rest of the WSJ Story

by Tim Berry

The Wall Street Journal has a story today on my decision to name Sabrina Parsons CEO of Palo Alto Software and dedicate my time to blogging, speaking, and my next book. It's nice to get press notice, and Laura Lorber... Read More »

Nepotism vs. Common Sense

by Tim Berry

If my wife and I raised well-educated, hard working children, who believe in our business and carry it forward, is that bad? At one point, years ago, we had preteen kids putting sticky labels on floppy disks in our living... Read More »

Is This the Ideal Job?

by Tim Berry

I had a nice note from Steve King of Small Business Labs in my email today. The question was, "where do you find the time?" I enjoyed answering that, because we undervalue family business and success and such. So much... Read More »