A Pile of Cash

Q&A: When should a small business focus on growth over profits?

by Tim Berry

This is my answer to an interesting question on Quora: When should a small business focus on growth over profits? As soon as you have the cash flow managed, you should focus on growth, not profits. Profits are today, and growth is tomorrow. You need today assured by cash flow, but don’t sacrifice more today than... Read More »


Q&A: How Do I Get This Startup Financed?

by Tim Berry

I received this question over the weekend via my ask-me form on timberry.com. I modified it slightly to not include private information. It’s about a web software business. It reads … … we are gaining traction. Financing is difficult. I am looking to find out what resource you would recommend to get financing for the... Read More »


Trading Ownership for Services is Risky Business

by Tim Berry

Over the holidays I received this question from my ask-me form on my timberry.com website: In todays economy with corporate streamlining and all that technology has to offer, how can one attract investment in the form of an ‘equity swap’? I am in need  of  web development and am willing to trade this for a... Read More »

Q&A: I Need a Loan to Fill Orders

by Tim Berry

This is another question I received via the ask-me form on my website: I have master service agreements with [omitted for confidentiality] in the midwest.  I am also working on an agreement with a company in South America.  I have a great reputation with upper management and they want to use my services.  The only... Read More »


Q&A: Keep Your Business Plan Simple and Short

by Tim Berry

I received this question on my ask-me form at timberry.com I have a question about writing a business plan for my [business]. How do I write a business plan reflecting very little start up costs and a loss so far? I have been putting off writing a business plan, but I feel as if I... Read More »


Q&A: Who Do I Follow For Business Twitter

by Tim Berry

(Note: This is my post from smbplans.com, where I posted it yesterday. I was asked to repost it here.)  Here’s another good question I received from my Ask-me form on my Timberry.com website: If I’m trying to build my Twitter presence to support my [omitted] business, who should I follow? How do I find them?... Read More »


Q&A: How Do I Finance My Company Without Losing Control?

by Tim Berry

Question: I need $250,000 to get my business started, but from what I see on the web, I’m going to have to give away the business, practically, to get that money from investors. And I don’t want to borrow the money because it’s a startup and I can’t be sure I’ll succeed. My answer: You... Read More »


Q&A: Are There Business Classes That Busy Smallbiz Owners Can’t Afford Not to Take?

by Tim Berry

Over this weekend I was in email with a college student who asked me to answer some questions about business education, as part of a class project. I found this one interesting, and one that comes up a lot, so I decided to post the question and my answer here today. The question: On your... Read More »


Q&A: When to Quit the Day Job and Start On My Own

by Tim Berry

This Q&A post is different. Usually I highlight questions here for my answer, meaning I’m answering a question I think others are asking, for which I’m hoping my answer might be useful. In this case, however, I’m posting because of the question itself: It’s extremely common, very important, and doesn’t have any obvious single answer... Read More »

Help Me Answer This Deep Question From a Young Entrepreneur

by Tim Berry

What would you say to this question? I think it’s too deep for me to answer by myself. Please join me in the comments, with your answer.  Here’s the question:  I have an idea that I am hopelessly passionate about, but I question the wisdom of trying to execute at this point in my life.... Read More »