Q&A: How Do I Get This Startup Financed?

by Tim Berry

I received this question over the weekend via my ask-me form on I modified it slightly to not include private information. It’s about a web software business. It reads … … we are gaining traction. Financing is difficult. I am looking to find out what resource you would recommend to get financing for the... Read More »


Trading Ownership for Services is Risky Business

by Tim Berry

Over the holidays I received this question from my ask-me form on my website: In todays economy with corporate streamlining and all that technology has to offer, how can one attract investment in the form of an ‘equity swap’? I am in need  of  web development and am willing to trade this for a... Read More »

Q&A: I Need a Loan to Fill Orders

by Tim Berry

This is another question I received via the ask-me form on my website: I have master service agreements with [omitted for confidentiality] in the midwest.  I am also working on an agreement with a company in South America.  I have a great reputation with upper management and they want to use my services.  The only... Read More »


Q&A: Keep Your Business Plan Simple and Short

by Tim Berry

I received this question on my ask-me form at I have a question about writing a business plan for my [business]. How do I write a business plan reflecting very little start up costs and a loss so far? I have been putting off writing a business plan, but I feel as if I... Read More »


Q&A: Who Do I Follow For Business Twitter

by Tim Berry

(Note: This is my post from, where I posted it yesterday. I was asked to repost it here.)  Here’s another good question I received from my Ask-me form on my website: If I’m trying to build my Twitter presence to support my [omitted] business, who should I follow? How do I find them?... Read More »


Q&A: How Do I Finance My Company Without Losing Control?

by Tim Berry

Question: I need $250,000 to get my business started, but from what I see on the web, I’m going to have to give away the business, practically, to get that money from investors. And I don’t want to borrow the money because it’s a startup and I can’t be sure I’ll succeed. My answer: You... Read More »


Q&A: Are There Business Classes That Busy Smallbiz Owners Can’t Afford Not to Take?

by Tim Berry

Over this weekend I was in email with a college student who asked me to answer some questions about business education, as part of a class project. I found this one interesting, and one that comes up a lot, so I decided to post the question and my answer here today. The question: On your... Read More »


Q&A: When to Quit the Day Job and Start On My Own

by Tim Berry

This Q&A post is different. Usually I highlight questions here for my answer, meaning I’m answering a question I think others are asking, for which I’m hoping my answer might be useful. In this case, however, I’m posting because of the question itself: It’s extremely common, very important, and doesn’t have any obvious single answer... Read More »

Help Me Answer This Deep Question From a Young Entrepreneur

by Tim Berry

What would you say to this question? I think it’s too deep for me to answer by myself. Please join me in the comments, with your answer.  Here’s the question:  I have an idea that I am hopelessly passionate about, but I question the wisdom of trying to execute at this point in my life.... Read More »


Q&A: What To Do With Those Web App Ideas

by Tim Berry

This is question I received over the weekend via my Ask Me page at I have 3 great app ideas that I think many people will benefit from. I am only 18 and I am absolutely clueless on how I am going to turn my ideas in to a reality…. Any sort of advice... Read More »