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Restaurants, Bootstrapping, Good Stories, and Divine Intervention

by Tim Berry

This is a great look at one example of a successful restaurant business. Jonathan Fields calls it “bootstrapping with a bit of divine intervention.” That story is about four minutes in. The whole interview is interesting, and a good background look for anybody curious about the restaurant business, particularly one successful restaurant business, not stylized... Read More »


Federal Charges For Fake Organic Corn

by Tim Berry

It’s interesting and reassuring to see that apparently somebody follows up on fake organic claims, according to a story in my local paper, the Eugene Register Guard. Register Guard regular Karen McCowan reported the man is charged with adding $193,169 to his profits by misrepresenting a conventional crop. He faces a federal wire fraud charge... Read More »

Stewart Brand's 4 Environmental Heresies

Stewart Brand’s 4 Environmental Heresies

by Tim Berry

I’ve been a reader of, and kind of a fan of, Stewart Brand for just about 40 years now, since the first Whole Earth Catalog came out while I was in college. To me he stands for the long-term component of so-called “hippie” values that have since become mainstream, because they make sense. Among them,... Read More »

Branding as Soul, Karma, and a New World

by Tim Berry

The boom in social media, my happy association with some very smart Generation Y people, and a good book or two (Me 2.0, among them, and Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz) have me very intrigued with a broader application of branding. I was taught to think of branding as a collection of visuals that should... Read More »

Charity Add-on: Does it Work? Is It Real?

by Tim Berry

(Note: I posted this first on Small Business Trends, and I'm reposting it here for convenience of readers of this blog. Tim) I got an email over the weekend from an online retailer asking me to post about its new... Read More »

Race for Green Credibility

by Tim Berry

Check out GoodGuide for yet another effort to sort through green claims in products and evaluate what's green and what isn't. It just won an award at last week's Web 2.0 conference, and it was a TechCrunch 50 finalist as... Read More »


The Future: Hot, Flat, Crowded

by Tim Berry

On Monday I posted some predictions from the World Future Society, what I consider to be an interesting list of believable possibilities for the next 25 years. Today I want to add another view. I've heard several interviews with Thomas... Read More »

Announcing the Energy Climate Era: Hot, Flat, Crowded

by Tim Berry

The buzz is growing very fast on what might have been the keynote speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival last week. I picked it up at Huffington Post, in a post titled Thomas Friedman Calls for Green Revolution. Here's the... Read More »

Alltop green

Alltop’s New Green Page

by Tim Berry

Even if it weren't an Earth Day tie-in, I'd still be adding Alltop Green to my regular visits. I like browsing the Alltop small business section, which is usually my first view in the morning. It reminds me of the... Read More »

Online Buyers Pay Green for Green

by Tim Berry

Given a choice, four out of five online buyers say that when they have a choice, they prefer green. And they are willing to pay for it. Here's a quote: "Consumers, when choosing between two similar products, prefer environmentally friendly... Read More »