Tim Berry mixergy interview

The Broken Spreadsheet That Birthed a Business

by Tim Berry

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this Mixergy Interview, published this week, about how I bootstrapped Palo Alto Software from zero to about $10 million annual revenues: It started one morning at 2 a.m., when I had to deliver a finished set of financials the next morning. It was 2 a.m. and I was tired and done with... Read More »


Required Reading on Business Owners Making Critical Mistakes

by Tim Berry

For a good time take a look at the answers to this question on Quora: What are some classic examples of a founder letting his or her ego get in the way of making the right decision for a company? Now yes, that’s one stellar example of a loaded question. But — loaded or not —... Read More »


The Fitness App That’s Working for Me

by Tim Berry

Combine ease of use, and real science, by a real expert: It’s a fitness app I’ve been using on my iPhone, MiFitLife, which is the first one of these I’ve used that actually works for me. It’s based on science, developed by a real expert, and it lets me input workout data in 10 seconds... Read More »

Highest Paid CEO

Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

by Tim Berry

The infographic here about the highest paid CEOs in non-profits seems useful to me for two reasons. First, many people seem uncomfortable with non-profit organizations, serving higher social goals, paying market-level compensation to employees. In my years of dealing with students of entrepreneurship there was an assumption that people who work in non-profits earn less... Read More »


Sticky Questions on Startup Ownership and Buy-Sell

by Tim Berry

I received this interesting detailed question from the ask me form on my website. I’ve decided to answer it here. I think my answer might be useful for others with similar questions. I’m putting the question in quotes, paragraph by paragraph, and adding my response directly where it comes in the question.  It starts like... Read More »


The Best Business Success Factor is Value

by Tim Berry

Keys to entrepreneurial success? We talk about passion, persistence, ideas, funding, planning, sales, product-market fit, and all of that. Do what you love, we say. My opinion changes according to recent events, experience, even mood. Which is fine, because it’s a reaction to events, and we don’t want to get static. But on the long... Read More »

Simple Message

Marketing Messages? Simplify and Repeat

by Tim Berry

Watch this video. It’s just 90 seconds, and it’s a great reminder. It needs no further introduction. In case you don’t see it, click here for the source at Stanford’s scorner video collection for entrepreneurs. Read More »


7 Steps to Practical Business Stories

by Tim Berry

Remember, stories aren’t just stories. They’re truth and promise and relationships established. They’re vital to business. There’s more truth in stories than in all the statistics ever published. Geoffrey James posted How to Tell a Great Story on Inc.com last month, quoting Mike Bosworth of Solution Selling, and Ben Zoldan, one of his top trainers. So this... Read More »


The Myth of Persistence Can Ruin Your Life

by Tim Berry

Kudos to Barbara Taylor for Reaching Your Limit as a Business Owner on the NYTimes blog, a thoughtful reminder about a huge problem: The myth of persistence in business ownership. Given the wrong circumstances, running yourself into a brick wall, over and over, is simply not useful. Her point, put simply: Many owners reach a point in... Read More »

Ket to the Pitch

Key to the Pitch: Make Me Care

by Tim Berry

Never underestimate the business value of the good story. Business planning is telling stories and making them happen. Startups make stories come true. In this delightful TED talk storyteller (filmmaker) Andrew Stanton boils it down to this: Make me care. If you want to sell a business idea, tell it as a story. The best... Read More »