Birds of a Feather Fail Together: the Business Case for Diversity

by Tim Berry

Diversity is good for business. Equal opportunity is not only morally and ethically right, it’s also a better way to run a business. Here are some reasons why, and points to consider. What’s intuitively obvious It’s pretty much accepted wisdom that when people come together in a common business, it’s better for them to have... Read More »

Mike Maples on Ecorner

Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Mark Maples

by Tim Berry

My Friday video for this week is on entrepreneurship and leadership from the Stanford Ecorner. If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out. There is a new interface, and it’s a great collection of speakers on entrepreneurship, startups, business, and investment. Here’s the intro from the site: Silicon Valley veteran Mike Maples... Read More »


A Case Study on Startup Equity

by Tim Berry

I had an interesting exchange over the weekend. Shane Diffily tweeted: @Timberry HI Tim. So what was your answer to How Not to Divide Ownership? It’s v.similar to a situation I am in & I’d love to see your ideas. Tx! — Web Governance (@diffily) February 26, 2015 Setting the Scene Shane was referring there to... Read More »


True Story: Don’t Compromise Your Ethics

by Tim Berry

This is Heidi Roizen talking about the old days of  Silicon Valley software startup (T/Maker), with a true story about an ethical choice she and her co-founder brother Peter made. It’s less than three minutes and it’s a perfect example of the kind of thing that happens all the time; and the choices you as... Read More »


Save the Patient. Make Exorbitant Profits. Is This Okay?

by Tim Berry

How do you feel about projecting excessive profitability in a health care business plan? Over the weekend I saw the pitch for a brilliant business plan, with great technology, for developing medical electronics that could significantly reduce some kinds of complications in some kinds of surgeries. “The world needs this,” I thought. “I hope these... Read More »


Sticky Questions on Startup Ownership and Buy-Sell

by Tim Berry

I received this interesting detailed question from the ask me form on my website. I’ve decided to answer it here. I think my answer might be useful for others with similar questions. I’m putting the question in quotes, paragraph by paragraph, and adding my response directly where it comes in the question.  It starts like... Read More »


Go Ahead, Search Me … and Give Me Better Info

by Tim Berry

What bothers me isn’t that Orbitz steers Mac users to pricier hotels, as WSJ.com reports; it’s that some people act like that’s somehow illegitimate, unfair, or deceptive. I say, on the contrary, give people what they like.  Not everybody wants the cheapest hotel available. Many people prefer paying a bit more for something better. And... Read More »


Did They Copy Your Idea? Deal With It.

by Tim Berry

This troubles me. App Developer Says Facebook Stole Idea for “Find Friends Nearby”. I don’t know the app, haven’t used it, and I’m not a lawyer, but I hate it when people complain about some big company stealing their ideas. Ideas get copied all the time. Have you seen the web? Have you seen books,... Read More »


Is This Mad Men Then or Silicon Valley Now?

by Tim Berry

A lot has happened during my lifetime to give women more and better choices. What you see in the TV drama Mad Men about how hard the business world was for women, back then, is what I remember from those times. So there has been progress. But damn, let’s not confuse progress towards equality with... Read More »


Slow and Steady Decline of Trust

by Tim Berry

This trend really bothers me. Even after the FCC rules on blogging and disclosure, I still get regular offers like this one that was in my email this morning. It was a nicely worded email, with some flattery, but here’s the meat: I’d love to put together a high-quality article written specifically for the site. There... Read More »