I Really Don’t Like All This Sh*t

by Tim Berry

Some of the best and brightest, some of the most educated people I know, have decided that it’s cool to use the word “shit” to replace the old-fashioned words “things,” “stuff,” “work,” and so on. That’s too bad. Of course I remember “get your shit straight,” a phrase that’s as old as the golden age... Read More »

How to project expenses

Some Recent Blog Posts Elsewhere

by Tim Berry

Because you might be interested in these … I posted How to project expenses for a new business overnight on the SBA (small business administration) Industry Word blog. It’s a step-by-step how-to piece on exactly what it says in the title. Yesterday and today I posted two different posts on James Altucher’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Starting a... Read More »


Compare And Contrast These 2 Blog Pub Strategies

by Tim Berry

Yesterday my email stream included two starkly contrasting approaches to getting links and mentions from bloggers. One offered me free guest posts, supposedly good quality posts on relevant business topics. The email had links to examples. It’s author said… Having graduated in International Business and Journalism a few years ago, Ive covered everything from global... Read More »


The Difference Between a Journalist and a Blogger

by Tim Berry

What’s the difference between a journalist and a blogger? I see this from both sides because I was mainstream journalist for 10 years in the 1970s, then entrepreneur and consultant, software guy, and lately I blog a lot. A real journalist tries to tell the objective truth, reports facts fairly, strives for balance, and discloses bias.... Read More »


Blogging in “A Tornado Full of Shrieking Trolls.”

by Tim Berry

Do you care about writing? Do you do it often? Do you do it related to business? Oh, wait, I’m sorry: I should call it content, as in content marketing. It’s not just writing, or blogging; it’s content creation. Or, in a delightful post on the oatmeal.com, simply Making Things. There’s a lot there, on that... Read More »


Obvious Trite Advice is Just More Clutter

by Tim Berry

I just read Five Pieces of Blogging Advice I Wish You’d Stop Giving on problogservice. How about this one? Post author Erik Deckers writes, as his number one piece of bad advice: Write good content: Blah, blah, blah! People say this like it’s The Most Important Advice Ever. It’s stupid, vile, and utterly useless, because everyone a)... Read More »


A Nice Top 10 List on Bad Blogs

by Tim Berry

Once again, I love the way the negative lists are more interesting than the positive lists. I mean lists of what not to do, as blog posts, get more traffic than lists of what to do. Mistakes are more interesting than tips or keys to success. Go figure. It works for me too. So I... Read More »


12 Ways Best Blogging Practices Aren’t

by Tim Berry

I like Blogger Brad Shorr‘s list of 12 Most Horrible Pieces of Blogging Advice (no longer available online). It’s a good list, well worth reading, good food for thought. More important, in my opinion, is that it’s also an eloquent reminder of the essential case-by-case rule that applies not only to business blogging but also to all... Read More »


Slow and Steady Decline of Trust

by Tim Berry

This trend really bothers me. Even after the FCC rules on blogging and disclosure, I still get regular offers like this one that was in my email this morning. It was a nicely worded email, with some flattery, but here’s the meat: I’d love to put together a high-quality article written specifically for the site. There... Read More »

Megans_Pinterest (1)

Curation is the New Creation

by Tim Berry

I think it was inevitable. First, the web, then blogs. Content is king. Then Facebook, and then Twitter, and social media is real. Long live the king. The king is dead. We’re gagging on all the content. We need curation. We need to gather and collect — call that curate — our favorite content. The... Read More »