Telephone Circa 1970

Future Shock Top 10 Backwards Look

by Tim Berry

Ah yes, the good old days. How quickly time passes. And I can’t help occasionally browsing through technology looking back. My youngest daughter is in her late twenties now. She can barely remember life before cellphones, and can’t remember life before personal computers or VCRs, because both of those were born before she was. I was... Read More »


Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs: Trick or Trend

by Tim Berry

  Thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s 8 Monday Morning Must Reads I discovered USA Today’s Older entrepreneurs find new niche in startups. This doesn’t surprise me at all, but it was good to see it in print. The quick summary: Over the past decade, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55 to... Read More »

DadwithBaby_FlickCC_ Reggie_fun

Heartfelt Advice for Young Fathers

by Tim Berry

My five kids are all grown up now, doing well thanks, and as I look back on things related to parenting I think I’ve discovered something worth sharing. It’s about dad time with young kids. Our oldest was born in 1972 and our youngest in 1987, and in our case, during those 15 years a... Read More »


Leadership and the Man Killed 47 Years Ago Today

by Tim Berry

It’s November 22. Today 47 years ago I was sitting on the gym floor in high school physical education when a kid who’d been to the office told us President Kennedy had been shot and killed. How important was this? How much did it change our history? I don’t know and people debate that still.... Read More »


What You Don’t Know About Second Life Can Hurt You

by Tim Berry

Recently I heard this called “the second life.” You might have heard the phrase “midlife crisis.” And you’re probably aware of baby boomers turning 60, and boomer entrepreneurship. Retirement? Golden years? Hooey. Amazing fact: Humans have existed for a few million years, but it’s only in the last century or so that we have this... Read More »

The Best Business Email Might Be a Phone Call

by Tim Berry

This morning I picked up Finding the Right Words for Business Emails, a recent post by Bradford Shimp on his Allbusiness Answers blog. Bradford’s a smart person, and he has good advice here. Use language you’d use for a friend. Be careful with the subject line. Avoid phrases that sound like spam. And this, my... Read More »

Why I’ll Never Retire

by Tim Berry

Ugh, baby boomers, retirement, selling the business … ouch. Strikes me like “lions, tigers, and bears,” in the Wizard of Oz. Scary. I’m 61. It was my choice to change my job more than two years ago, so that now instead of managing my company with 45 employees I’m writing, speaking, blogging, and teaching. And... Read More »


For Late Bloomers Everywhere … Hope, Optimism.

by Tim Berry

I didn’t want to add another Ted Kennedy tribute to the world today, but Dan Levine (schoolmarketer in twitter) tipped me off to Ted Kennedy, Low Potential Leader by Sarah Green on a Harvard Business School blog; and I couldn’t resist passing it on. Especially this last paragraph: So for me, today, Ted Kennedy’s life... Read More »

Boomer Business Blogger Part 4: You Have to Like Writing

by Tim Berry

True confession: I love writing. I love short sentences, strong words, making myself understood. I think most, if not all, good bloggers like writing. Video people do vlogs and YouTube, poets go to Twitter (say, what?), but bloggers are writers. Almost all of my favorite blogs — I’ve got the blogroll on this blog, rightmost... Read More »

Boomer Business Blogger Part 3: Is It Good Business?

by Tim Berry

A nice person almost apologized to me for not having her business on Facebook. I said: “but why?” Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest of that “social media stuff” may or may not be good business. But not just for its own sake. It has to be part of a strategy. Otherwise, it may... Read More »