Who's To Blame?

I’m looking at Fortune‘s Stanley Bing’s blog today, on who’s to blame.  Highlights:

It’s the guys who were supposed to watch this sorry bunch and prevent them from taking over the funny farm. They’re the ones to blame. How simple do I have to make it?

Guy #1’s job is to eat as many pies as he can before he dies. Guy #2 is hired to make sure that everybody gets his or her fair share and plays by the apple-pie rules. If Guy #1 and his pals get all the pies, he’s just doing his job. It’s Guy #2 who isn’t.

So I’m looking at Guy #2, who changed all the rules when Guy #1 asked him to. Who didn’t enforce the few, tattered rules that remained. Who, over the course of the last couple of decades, never learned the most simple two-letter word in the English language, one that translates pretty well into virtually any global tongue. That word is NO.

Makes sense to me. There are some interesting comments to that post too.


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