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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

I took this screen shot from a website I saw today. I haven’t forgotten to link to it, I skipped the link on purpose.

  1. Would you invest $50,000 in this company?
  2. Isn’t this securities fraud? Against the laws passed about 70 years ago to protect people from shady get-rich schemes involving sales of stock? That’s why I skipped the link. I don’t want to break laws.

I assume the person behind this post doesn’t mean to break the law. We’re all sympathetic with the desperate entrepreneur, but, seriously, do you want to invest in somebody who’s been working 70-80- hours a week for nearly a year, and is really tired, is willing to sell equity like that?

The “dottering old rich uncle who is loose with his checkbook” is a whole ‘nother ball game. As an entrepreneur, do you want dumb investors as partners? People you can take advantage of? Good luck with that one.

He says “I’ll show you the numbers.” Too bad you didn’t look at them yourself, a few months ago. I’ve seen the site, read the business description. It looks like you had something that could have succeeded. But you needed partners a while ago. Too bad.


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