Your Business Plan is Wrong

I was reviewing files when I discovered this one — a nice summary of business planning the way it ought to be. This is almost two years old now, but I still like this as a good summary of my ideas on business planning. It was created a year before I wrote the Plan As You Go book, but the idea of the business plan is very much the same.

If for any reason you don’t see the video here, you can click here to go to the source.


  • Brock Predovich says:

    Tim, great post. So happy that you said this. A business plan is always a work in progress. My business,, has gone from idea to development in the last two years. In that time I’ve changed the entire business plan at least 6 times. Each time I’ve been so frustrated, but last couple times I realized the business plan is an evolutionary process. Each time I return to Business Plan Pro I refine and re-evaluate past ideas and concepts and make them better. The point is to have a plan, put it down on paper, test and evaluate your ideas, and make them better.

    Brock Predovich

  • Steve Averill says:

    We are in the midst of planning a new business and came across this post from Alltop. Great post on business planning.

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