Web Search: Piles of Needles Disguised as Haystacks

The Web: haystacks the size of the Sierra Nevada, millions of needles inside them. Scary big.

No, I take that back. It’s needles disguised as haystacks.

Sometimes the Web is scary in the way that there’s just so much there, and so disorganized, so easy to miss. These are huge haystacks, Sure, you do a Web search when you have a specific goal. For me, one of the best things I get out of Twitter and the blogs I read are the links to things going on.

Things have turned upside down during the last generation or two. It used to be, that the valuable skill was finding the information. It was something like hunting for a screw in a mudpile.

Now the valuable skill is figuring out what, of all the information available, actually matters. Finding the right screw, the one that fits, in a piles of screws.

We hear stories of people getting lost in Google’s power, like bugs getting squashed, accidentally, by elephants. And before that there was Yahoo! And maybe, in the future, Bing will matter. At least they are giants fighting with giants.

Oh, and yes, this too: your business depends on being found.


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