Business Pitch for Fun and Profit

(I just posted this on my Up And Running blog over at For the record, I rarely post the same thing in both places, but today, because I’m announcing this new pitch site, I’m making an exception.)

Consider yourself one of the first to know about the new pitch site at That means you can be one of the first to pitch and one of the first to get posted.

No, it’s not about putting your business in front of investors, although maybe it could be partly related to that. Instead, it’s about the art of the pitch. Free publicity perhaps too, and tips or comments. What it is about is the art of the pitch. Doing it right, doing it well, and getting yourself and your business up and showing up. (And let’s pause here to note that The Art of the Pitch is a chapter in Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start book. Click here for his reading of that chapter.)

Take your browser to and you’ll see the “Add pitch” button you can use to upload your pitch. What follows is a page of basic information (name, address, logo, etc.) and then a second page where you can add a YouTube video URL if you want, or short texts to deal with 10 key topics.

This is all free to the users. What do you get out of it? A dedicated URL you can use to refer people to your business summary, plus the possibility of comments; this is free publicity, and publicity is assumed to be good. What do we get out of it? is about starting, growing, and planning a business, so we get more interesting stuff on our site.

And me? I like business pitches. That goes from the 60-second so-called elevator pitch to the 10-20 minute business pitch with slides. To me, business pitches, when well done, are fascinating. I see a lot of them. I see them in my role as a member of the Willamette Angel Conference, and I get to see them as a judge at venture competitions including Forbes and several business school contests. And I’ll be watching them on this site too.

Like they say in the commercials: do it today. Do it now. Click here.


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