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Video: Scott Cook: Savor Surprises in Business

Nice short video of Scott Cook giving a great example of how surprises come up in business. My Friday video for this week, from Stanford eCorner. He talks about discovering the value of doing simple bookkeeping for people who aren’t accountants and don’t care about debits and credits.

YouTube video

As he tells how Intuit discovered the market for people who don’t know or like or want to know accounting – way back in 1984 – I can’t help recommending to all business owners that we should know our numbers. Getting the basics of accounting is not nearly as hard as you fear. And there is no substitute for the peace of mind of knowing our own numbers.

So, rather than accept the idea that we can’t or don’t want to, how about knowing your numbers?

My suggestion starts with this 13-minute video on debits and credits. And from there, three essential projections and six key terms. You’ll be glad you did.


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