Watch This Excellent 1 Minute Elevator Pitch

Although it doesn’t take an MBA to do it, one of the things business schools teach more often these days, as part of the entrepreneurship curriculum, is the elevator speech, also called elevator pitch.

The one embedded here, from the Rice Business Plan Competition last week, won first prize in a contest that included 42 elevator pitches. It’s a great example. Notice how Gaylene Anderson, CEO of Solanux, hits all the high points, and all in just 60 seconds.

YouTube video

In case you don’t see the video here, you can also click here to go to the source video on YouTube.

And in addition, if you’d like to see more, click this link to see the whole collection.

I’ve posted some how-to advice on the elevator speech on this blog, in a four-part series. What I’m recommending in that series fits very well with what’s working in this contest.



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  • notbiting says:

    Awsome, another soon to be carcinogenic product on shelves near you soon.

    • Tim Berry says:

      @notbiting is it? Can you tell? For the record, I have no idea whether or not it’s a good investment or even still viable (that post is more than two years old) but it’s still a great elevator speech. Look how much information she conveys in barely one minute.

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