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Professional investor Bijan Sabet received a blog as a business presentation. He suggests it makes sense. “It’s a first for me,” he adds. “I actually liked it.”

You can read more of the post for a quick view of the navigation involved, and some interesting comments as well.

What I really like about this is it is a concrete example of what I’ve been saying about planning and plans. Form follows function. Business planning is about running a business better and a business plan is not the set-in-stone standard format coil bound quasi-PhD treatise. It doesn’t have a standard outline and a defined format. It better have good market analysis, good focus, good cash flow, and it better have concrete dates, deadlines, budgets, and assigned responsibilities.

I think it will help people get out of the rut,  meaning all these stupid “don’t do a business plan” comments from people who really mean don’t get lost in the document, don’t obsess, don’t do a business plan covering more than you need, and do a business plan as a tool for business management, a plan you’ll track and follow up.




  • Business Plans says:

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  • Business Plan says:

    Blogging is a great tool and marketing strategy indeed. Make sure to address the following important points.

    * People (Have you hired the right ones?)
    * Product or service (Can you build and deliver it? Will it fly?)
    * Market (Is it big enough? Can you reach it?)
    * Financial (How much will it cost us?)

  • Paul Morales says:

    Great Idea. I was just starting my blog and I need a better plan on deciding how my blog will succeed.

  • Tim Berry says:

    I edited Scott's comment, instead of just deleting it, because it gives me a chance to make a point. Buy business plan software, or business plan tools, perhaps, but don't ever think of buying somebody else's plan, or a canned rehash plan, as if you were going to just use it as your own. Somebody else's plan is way worse than no plan at all. Do your plan, it isn't that hard. You don't have to do the full formal thing. But make your own plans.

    Business plans are made, not bought.


  • Scott says:

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