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Big Ideas in Few Words

What a kick! A Twitter writing contest. That means, of course, writing within a 140-character limit. Haiku, you’re too easy.

I found it as The Winners of Twitter Writing Cont est 2 Are… on Brian Clark’s Copyblogger. You can go there to see what’s what, but in the meantime, here are the winners. And just to make it fun, I’ve taken the two third-place winners and the second and first place winners and put them in order of my preference, best first, which is not the same order the judges put them:

Unfolding the note / his heart anticipating / the rest of his life

Words… just like sun rays / the more they are constricted / the stronger they burn.

“I’m following you” / A compliment on Twitter / Not so in real life

A wandering ghost / My dead father cries “Uncle!” / I must have revenge.

I like them all, but in that order, which isn’t the order the judges set. The prize winner gets a MacBook Air. Which one do you think it is?


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