True Story: But Nobody Moved In. They Ran Out of Money

Every day when I get to my office I walk by an empty office of about 4,000 square feet, that reminds me of the dark side of pollyanna entrepreneurship, acting on impulse and optimism, without planning.

I don’t know whether or not anybody is paying rent for that space, but it’s class A office space. More than a year ago that space was tailored and customized for a new tenant. The changed the layout, added walls, carpets, interior lighting, and signage. It must have cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But nobody moved in. They ran out of money. Nothing happened but the leasehold improvements. That space has been empty for more than a year now.

Somewhere there ought to have been a plan, with a rough estimate of funding required, and the wisdom of waiting until they got the funding before they started the spending.

(Image: stock photo, from, not a picture of the space I refer to)


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