The One-Page Resume Discussion

Business Pundit has this post by Robert May about resumes today …

“According to this graphic from the Journal of Accountancy, resumes with 2 or 3 pages are fine for executive level candidates. I always heard you should keep it to one page no matter what. Apparently that was bad advice…. ”  Read more

I’m with you, Rob. One page is plenty. I’ve never met a person whose resume needed more than one page.

The more you’ve done, the more compelling the summary, the more powerful the dignified understatement. Did Shakespeare have to list every play written? Does Jay Leno list every appearance? Even the president of the U.S. should keep it to a single page: President, Governor, Harvard MBA, etc.

The resume is just a foot forward. It’s for a gatekeeper to decide on the next step, or not take it. Think of how much fun you’ll have embellishing during the interview.

Stanford University required 1-page resumes, without exception, when I got my MBA 25 years ago. I hope they still do.



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