The Luckier I Get, the Harder I Work.

The sun was coming out, just peeking through from behind the tall pine trees on the hill above my house, as I drove into the office this morning.  I’d woken up before dawn and gotten back on the computer.

Does my title to this post seem paradoxical? A twist on the old “the harder I work, the luckier I get” saying? Yes, but it’s also true. At least, and Thank God for it, it’s been true for me.

I’ve been sleeping poorly the last few weeks because I have three projects converging. I like all three.  I wake up just before dawn and instead of turning over and going back to sleep, I’m up. Because I’m excited about making progress.

And this is a good thing. Okay: not getting enough sleep isn’t that good; I tend to drag in the afternoons. But being excited about projects, waking up early because the work intrigues me: that’s a good thing.

Which reminds me that a lot of my entrepreneurship has been escaping boredom. We needed the money so I couldn’t not work, but I could determine what work was. The first time I went out on my own I left a good job because it meant supervising other people doing the work I liked to do, instead of just doing the work I like to do. In the maker/manager scale I wanted to be maker, not manager.

I built Palo Alto Software around business planning because I came to love software and business planning. So there it was: creating the company to create the job I wanted.

So the luckier I get, the harder I work. And I love it.

(Photo credit: by Bushman.K via Flickr)


  • Strategic Growth Advisors says:

    Hey, Tim. Thanks for the helpful pointers.

    While I am trying to assess if I am fully a maker or manager using the scale you provided in your previous post, I guess I will consider myself as a “half and half” for now.

    What I mean by half and half is while I love to have a hands-on experience with the job I love, I also take time to supervise my workmates to see to it that they are still prioritizing quality and thoroughness in their outputs.

    Keep them coming!

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