The Joy of Startups, Revisited

Getting really into a new startup, when it goes well, is exciting like a clear mountain morning, like a warm spring rain, like falling in love.


Cheesy? Sure. But I’m doing it again, and loving it. I’m not just saying what people always say; I’ve been there, and I’m there again right now.

If you’re a regular here you may have noticed I dropped my normal posting rate from five per week to just one last week and this is only the third this week. One reader emailed to ask if I’m okay, which made my week, (and, by the way, if that isn’t a good reason for blogging, I don’t know what is.)

The long-term business love of my life, Palo Alto Software, is going just fine, thanks, and I’m still there a lot physically and there in spirit always. But some new startups are making me feel that spark again, the excitement of building something new.

Unfortunately, neither of them are ready for prime time yet. If you’re curious, you could go look at but that’s just a bare-bones placeholder, and doesn’t say much.

And, because these have come up in twitter lately, I think I should clarify that neither of these startups is either LiftFive or Rebelmouse. Yes, the founders of those two, @meganberry and @teamreboot, respectively, are two of our five grown-up children. And I’m pleased that they occasionally share ideas with me. But those two startups are their things, not mine.

I love the smell of a fresh new startup in the morning.



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