The Blue Sail

We were in one of those tourist markets. You know the type: handicrafts, souvenirs, blankets, and small-scale art. They have them everywhere, or at least wherever tourists gather.

We were browsing, killing time, when a man came up to us, interrupting nothing, and offered us a card with an address to a restaurant.

"It’s better than the Blue Sail," he said. We took the card, and he disappeared. We had never heard of the Blue Sail.

Twenty minutes later, another guy came up to us, plugging a different restaurant, but, according to what he said, this one too was "better than the Blue Sail."

That happened one more time over the course of the afternoon. Another restaurant better than the Blue Sail.

Conclusion: you guessed it. Although we had never heard of it before, we went for dinner that night at the Blue Sail.


  • Tim Berry says:

    @Larry: no, and I thought of that possibility, and changed the name before posting. It wasn't actually that name. Similar, because I wasn't trying to be creative; but not the same.

    @T-bear: yeah, there are a lot of us. Producer of Cheers, Attorney General in Indiana, and many more. We should have a reunion sometime. And you'll be glad to know that nobody calls me T-Bear, so on that you're safe.


  • Larry Sheldon says:

    I (cynic that I am) suspect that was a clever spam by the "Blue Sail" that worked.

  • TIM BERRY says:

    Yo what up Tim – This site is dope. I'm reading this on a regular basis. I found your site because my name is Tim Berry as well but my friends call me T-Bear. Thanks

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