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On July 4 we celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. I like the sentiment expressed in this HBO series, from about the third to the eighth minute 3 (3:23 to 8:00). And please stay with it through the positive portion, after the rant, beginning at 6:44). This is from a new HBO series called The Newsroom, which was first broadcast June 25. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin, who also did West Wing and Studio 60, shows I consider thoughtful as well as entertaining. I loved the first episode, and so did most critics; but in respect of full disclosure, some complained that it was too much Aaron Sorkin diatribe.

Ep. 1: We Just Decided To – Full Episode
By the way, I’m intrigued by what HBO is doing with the video here. It isn’t stolen. I got it off the HBO website which offered the embed code free, meaning that you are welcome to watch the full episode here or on a lot of other sites (I assume) that chose to embed it. That’s an interesting marketing/commercial decision, no?


  • Joel Libava says:


    I am hooked. (On the show)

    I wonder how many TV news execs are watching it.

    And freaking out.

    Because the show–and what I think they’re trying to state-is right on the money. I told my wife that what they”re doing to news-is what you and I have been doing, (And others-obviously) online, in social media for a while now.

    We’re putting it out there. Transparently. And, we’re disclosing our relationships with businesses we mention. Etc. We’re doing things the right way.

    Fast-forward now to Fox News. And, what they’re doing.

    What ARE they doing?

    Does it even remotely resemble “news?”

    The Franchise King®

    • Tim Berry says:

      Thanks Joel, and me too (hooked on the show) … I just wish the world were actually the way Aaron Sorkin writes it to be. Sigh …

  • Win Day says:

    Except I can’t watch it. I’m in Canada, and HBO (like most networks) does not allow viewing of their content from an IP address outside the US.

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