Thanks Anita Plan-As-You-Go Book Giveaway

Anita Campbell is giving away copies of my Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan book over at her Small Business Trends blog. She posted this offer last Friday for her birthday (nice touch) and offered five books to be given at random from among the list of people who commented.

The give-away program lasts until this coming Friday, November 21, so you have time to go there and add your own comment to the group. I checked yesterday afternoon and there were 36 comments before one that I added.

Aside from the possible free book, another good reason to go there is to jsts browse through the comments. Why do people plan their businesses? There are some good reminders.

OK, I’m biased, but this is also a good reminder that Anita’s is one of the best blogs you’ll find anywhere on small business topics in the real world. It’s not for nothing that she has more than 100,000 subscribers. I read Small Business Trends every day, I subscribe to it, and I like it because it’s focused on practical realities of actually running a business, day in and day out, recession and boom times alike. I’m proud to post there as often as I can.

And I’m grateful that she’s saying nice things about my book. Thanks Anita.


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