Take That, Spammers!

Do you want satisfaction after all the annoyance of spam?

I just finished clicking full pages of spam with one click, and then deleting all of them with a second click. The view below (warning: the subjects include stupid and offensive subjects) shows the page just for that satisfying click that sends them all to oblivion. Boy that’s a good feeling. Take that, spammers!

view of spam

If you don’t have a spam filter, then you need one. My company uses Postini and I also use SpamArrest and MailWasher. I recommend all three of them. Anything to not see the spam.


  • Ari says:

    There are several methods we have adopted. For email clients, you can consider cloudmark, while you pay for it, it is inexpensive and very worthy.
    Another layer outside of the native newer outlook filters is to move your email client to Mozilla’s Thunderbird.
    Finally, if all else fails, you can consider using a service like Reflexion. They will request you route your mx record through them and they will filter for you.
    Depending on your business and the kinds of exploits used to get your company or personal email on the spam lists, you may want to consider alternative email addresses going into the new policy, TURN OFF PREVIEW PANE, and invoking filters on the email clients, like Postini, Then have employees sign off on a promise to completely avoid using business email for signing up for non-business things, or worse yet, clicking on unsubscribe in fake SPAM.

  • Dr. L M Foong says:

    Hi Tim

    I fully agreed and hate spamming,\
    I am using WP blog for my articles and the spam plug in seems able to filter but still there are plenty of them

    I ve not tried your method

  • Arun Pal Singh says:

    Yeah! Snagit is really cool software. Lightweight and crisp.

  • Daria Steigman says:

    I’m a big Postini fan for the volumes of spam it captures. It’s a great product for problem solving. Not so great on the customer service front.

    I wish there was a point person at Postini that you could complain to about the spam that gets through. I used to forward spam through their report feature, but that’s a black hole. It would be nice if I could once-in-a-while talk to a real person about the recurring flaw that lets certain pieces slip through their filters.

    • Tim Berry says:

      Thanks Daria, and I’ll second that. For me too, there are some particularly annoying messages that get through the filter all the time, and when I say “some” I don’t mean just two messages; I mean endless repeats of those same messages.

      Which reminds me, this post should have explored why spam exists in the first place, and why all of us should never ever click on a spam email. What we need is for the spammers to not make money.

  • Fred says:


    I really like Gmail’s spam filter, but it annoys me when it mistakenly catches non-spam.

    A question for you – how did you create that cool screen capture image and then make it look like a torn page? Very cool! I would like to add those types of images to my site.


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