Stupid Grammar Tricks

Carefully Designed to Make You Look Stupid indeed, from Seth Godin‘s blog, is about apostrophes. What we’d all like to ignore is that stupid grammar mistakes do hurt. I read a lot of business plans and these dumb errors always catch my eye, make me wince, and hurt the flow of the reading.

Here’s a great list of 10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid.

I’ve worked with some brilliant people who simply ignore spelling and grammar. That’s dumb. Why look bad when you don’t have to? Is it that hard to know then from than, or it’s from its? There’s an email culture that encourages sloppy writing, but is it necessary? I do understand why you need to use pigeon writing when thumbing things on a cellphone in txt, but when you’re doing a business plan or any other real document you expect real people to read, why make yourself look bad?


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