Social Media Making Me Unsocial

New week, new year, and Monday morning today, all wrapped up in one. I have a strange situation to deal with.

On the one hand, social media seems to be  part of my new job these days. I’m supposed to be blogging, writing, teaching, and speaking. And, presumably, tweeting. And doing Facebook and LinkedIn too.

But damn, I’m also discovering you can spend all day on Twitter watching the tweets go by, or looking at questions and answers in LinkedIn, or, for that matter, catching up on the hundreds of blogs I like to watch in Google Reader; and, when you do, nothing else gets done.

I’ve been in Twitter for about a year now, but lately it just keeps pulling me in further. I’m following too many people who are coming up with too many alluring links to blogs and other stuff. It’s fascinating. And very hard to turn away from.

I am really glad, at this point, that this is after I changed jobs. I’d be in serious trouble if I had real work to do. How do people manage all this and a regular job too?


  • The Franchise King says:

    Happy New Year, Tim

    You have put into words what is becoming an increasingly challenging thing for me to deal with:

    Trying to digest the amount of valuable content to read,that is being put out by folks that I follow on Twitter, Facebook, and the other dozen or so Social Media sites, while at the same time, networking and talking with these great folks, and trying to run my franchise consulting/marketing business at the same time!

    Yes, Tim. It is sucking the consulting life out of me. I have faith that all of the things that I am doing online, and the great connections I am making, including with you, are going to pay off.

    Joel Libava
    Franchise Selection Specialists Inc.

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