Seth’s Blog: Rochambeau the front line

How about a promotional game to add some buzz to customer service, or tech support? Doing business by phone doesn’t mean you can’t do it personally. A weekly prize for the toughest question, a monthly prize for the worst problem or best solution, or maybe, as Seth Godin suggests, a daily prize for the nicest customer. Great ideas, and, better yet, something most of us can take straight to the business right now.

Seems obvious after the fact, but he thought of it, we didn’t. Seth Godin’s post Rochambeau the front line takes a fascinating promotion idea — a rock-paper-scissors game with the employees of a fast-food chain — and puts some specific angles for your business onto it:

“Why not do this with your accounts payable people? Or give the customer
service people the ability to give a prize to the nicest person who
calls in each day? What’s the worst that could happen–they might use a
little judgment, might enjoy the day a bit more, might even start to

— Tim


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