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SBTV Video Interviews

I’m pleased to be one of the business experts featured on SBTV. What that means is that I’ve been in their studios a few times, doing interviews on topics related to business planning, small business management, and business startups.

Business Planning

  1. 3-2-1 Order for Business Plans
  2. Business Plan Development Software and Tips
  3. Control Your Destiny With An Active Business Plan
  4. Developing Your Business Plan Financial Forecast
  5. Educated Guesses In Small Business Plans
  6. Entrepreneurial Advice for Planning Your Business
  7. Getting Started On Your Business Plan
  8. Home Based Businesses Need A Business Plan
  9. How to Effectively Revise Your Business Plan
  10. What Lenders Look for In a Business Plan
  11. What To Leave Out of a Business Plan
  12. Writing a Successful Small Business Plan
  13. Writing and Following Your Small Business Plan
  14. Top Business Planning Mistakes in Small Business
  15. What Investors Look For In A Business Plan

Starting a Business

  1. What is The Value of Your Idea? How Do You Protect It?
  2. The Best New Businesses In a Tough Economy?
  3. 3 Types Of Start-Ups – How Business Plans Differ
  4. The Value of Bootstrapping: Funding Your Business
  5. Turning a Great Idea Into A Small Business
  6. Are Family Businesses Undervalued?
  7. How to Launch Your Own Small Business
  8. Making A Living By Doing What You Love
  9. Top Business Start-Up Mistakes
  10. Raising Capital For Your Small Business
  11. Pitching Your Small Business Plan to Investors
  12. Staffing Your Small Business Management Team
  13. Start-Up Plan Guide For Your Small Business

Managing a business

  1. Palo Alto Software – Creating a Successful Business
  2. SWOT Analysis Team for Your Business Plan
  3. Use Your Smarts to Grow

Marketing in small business

  1. Planning to Market
  2. Marketing Research In Your Small Business
  3. Small Business Marketing Strategy Pyramid


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