On Saying No, Lean Planning, Brands, and What Could Happen

I haven’t posted here yet this week in part because I’ve been distracted with posts elsewhere. One of them is about the value of saying no in sales, one is a refresher on fundamentals of lean planning, one is looking at the future of brand marketing and content, and the fourth is a pure fiction riff on current events. OPEN forum on saying no

  1. My post Why Saying no can be a Great Sales Tool appeared today on the American Express OPEN forum. With a wave at “flim-flam” sales, long-term success in sales is about listening and matching what the customer needs to what you offer. The secret is that sometimes you have to say no because you don’t really have something to sell that will solve the problem; and in that case, saying no is better than trying to win the sale that will produce a disappointed customer.
  2. My post Fundamentals of Lean Business Planning appeared yesterday on the Small Business Administration (SBA) Managing a Business blog. My readers here will be familiar with these fundamentals. I have a series of related posts already here on this blog. My favorite is The Lean Business Plan as Dashboard and GPS.
  3. My post Adobe’s Loni Stark on the Future of Brands appeared yesterday on the Rebelmouse blog. Stark is senior director of strategy & product marketing at Adobe. She talked about the future of brands as content marketing becomes faster, better, and much more competitive.
  4. I posted It’s Only Twitter: What Could Happen on Medium yesterday. This one is off my beaten track, not the kind of thing I post on this blog. It’s a pure-fiction imagination of a moment that might have happened seven years ago, related to the current presidential election.


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