Re: Fear Is Easy, But Hope Is Smarter: Are Those the Only Choices?

I picked this up from the American Express OPEN forum: Fear Is Easy, But Hope Is Smarter. Are those the only choices? How about carefully planning the right responses. Taking action. Reviewing the situation, revising the plan, focusing on priorities, making it through the downturn and out the other side?

To be fair, David Cassel’s actual post is way better than its title.

I think the conventional wisdom is wrong, and 2009 offers a lot of new possibilities. Yes, the landscape will be radically different — but there’s real opportunity mixed in with the challenges. We’re approaching the end of a year that we’ll always remember — but here’s my strategy for the year ahead.

That’s a bit too bright a picture for most, but he does offer some specific suggestions.

Now is the perfect time to maximize your online sales outreach. A friend told me about a collectibles store in Boise that discovered a new audience online. Suddenly they weren’t limited to collectors in a single city; they could sell to the entire planet. In some ways, online shoppers are easier to reach, by targeting campaigns through sites like StumbleUpon and Google AdWords. Some businesses report the cost-per-conversion is actually cheaper with online sales.

And, of course, there’s also the standard advice like be careful, sell stuff, buy stuff (with more explanation), watch your spending, and, in the end, have hope.


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