Radio Today with Jim Blasingame

Time flies. I was on the Small Business Advocate show again today and Jim said it was the tenth anniversary of my first guest appearance (can you call it appearance when it’s radio?) on his show. I’m always happy to share the microphone with Jim, he’s been doing a good job for a long time. This morning’s talk focused on my new Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan approach.



  • Kurre says:

    No 4 appeals to me most. But No7 is not as easy the work hours could be worse than u had it at Big Corp Inc.SK, u shd (totally) have samniers and workshops, I know I could benefit heavily from that.Miss Cheri’s last blog post..

  • Matthew Scott says:



    I think because your work and passion on business planning is "evergreen" you will enjoy a 20th appearance on The Small Business Advocate Show with Jim Blasingame.

    I celebrated my first radio show appearance on the The Small Business Advocate and I hope to post on my blog 10 years from now that I'm still being asked to be on this wonderful show.

    Thanks for all that you do with small business community.

    Matthew Scott, M.S.
    Founder & Head Coach
    The Life's Work Group, Inc.

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