Podcast with Made to Stick Author

I recommended the book Made to Stick on this blog a couple of months ago. I picked up a podcast with author Chip Heath posted yesterday on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog. You don’t need iTunes or an iPod, you can just click and listen. The content is great, although the background noise is distracting.

Ironically, Chip Heath worries about ambient noise at the beginning of the three-minute interview, and as a listener I wished they’d paid more attention to that before they recorded.

So I went Web searching for interviews with Chip Heath, because he’s really got something to say. I quickly found an interview from earlier this year with John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing. That one is good quality audio and John is an excellent interviewer.

I’m sticking with the book myself, very much worth taking the time to read. And there’s a lot to be gained from the short interview as well.


  • Ann Handley says:

    Yeah — that noise is a bummer. But I could still hear Chip. (Who, by the way, is a fabulous speaker, and really added a great quality to the MarketingProfs event.)

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