In response to media requests, photos for use on web and in publications. Please click on the photo for the downloadable source. (Click here for bios for media use)

Smaller files for web use

Tim in Mountains My personal favorite, my profile picture on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Very small, for web use only. File Name: Tim_on_mountains.jpg File Size: 6 kb – 111×111
Tim Berry 2003 Grand Canyon File Name: 2003timingrandcanyon.jpg File Size: 25 kb – 480×492
Tim Berry 2007 Other Mug File Name: Timberry2007othermug.jpg File Size: 14 kb – 253×300
TimBerry 2007 Standing File Name: TimBerry2007Standing.jpg File Size: 52 kb – 495×744
Tim Berry 2007 brown shirt File Name: TimBerry2007inSuitBrowncolor.jpg File size: 26 kb – 330×496

Larger, high resolution files, for print use

Tim Berry Blue Shirt TimBerry2007Blueshirt.jpgFile Size: 577 kb – 681×1024
Tim Berry Brown Shirt File Name: TimBerry2007-graybrown.jpg File Size: 653 kb – 681×1024


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