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Online Buyers Pay Green for Green

Given a choice, four out of five online buyers say that when they have a choice, they prefer green. And they are willing to pay for it. Here’s a quote:

“Consumers, when choosing between two similar products, prefer environmentally friendly products; 83 percent indicated they are extremely or very likely to choose the environmentally friendly option. “

That’s from a study released last week by online advertising giant DoubleClick. It surveyed 1,087 adults.

‘Not only are consumers interested in green products and companies, our survey shows that nearly half of them will pay at least five percent more for them,’ said Stuart Larkins, senior vice president of search at DoubleClick Performics. ‘With so many consumers online researching and purchasing products, retailers should include relevant environmentally-conscious information throughout their paid and natural search campaigns, affiliate promotions, display ads, and e-mail.’

Additional data from the DoubleClick Performics’ ‘Green Marketing Study’ revealed factors reported by consumers to influence their attitudes toward online buying:

“Of all online advertising sources, search engine results pages had the highest influence, with 32 percent of consumers reporting their impact on the purchase decision. Most consumers (65 percent) provide feedback about an online purchase at least some of the time. Approximately three fourths of those who make online purchases say a recommendation from a friend, family member or co-worker is valuable when purchasing online.”

I do however want to add one note of caution. This is what people say, not what people do. When the phone rings and you take the survey, are you going to tell the pollsters that you don’t care to pay for environmentally sensitive options? Surveys record what people say, which is not necessarily what they actually do.


  • dyuane says:

    I agree. I own a Hardwood Flooring business more people are asking about Bamboo flooring than other types of floors now.

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