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My Secrets of So-Called Success

I’m pleased to see that Rieva Lesonsky has published Secrets of Success: Tim Berry at her blog I’m proud of what I have to say there. Rieva asked really good questions.

Here’s one quote, on why I started my own business:

First, I wanted to do the work I liked doing (forecasting, market research, planning) instead of supervising others as they did the things I liked doing. I was a VP at Creative Strategies International, in charge of what we then called personal computer software, with six people reporting to me. I’m a doer more than a manager.

Second, I wanted to earn more money than what anybody in his or her right mind would pay me as salary. I loved the work but wanted, if I worked nights and weekends, to earn more for my extra production. And I was married with four kids at the time, living in a 1,200-square-foot house with one bedroom shared by all four kids.

That’s not even my favorite; but I’m grateful to Rieva for the invitation, so I’d rather you read it on her blog instead of mine.

And, for the record, a note on the title of this post. I’m self conscious about claiming success. That’s tempting fate, and it makes me nervous. I mean in no way to detract from Rieva’s post.


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