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LiftFive: My Favorite New Startup Launches

(Update: Time passes. This 2012 blog post is obsolete. Megan is now VP product at Octane AI, powering online commerce.

Are you looking for real expertise in social media? Megan Berry today announced the launch of LiftFive, her new startup. I wish her all the best on this exciting launch day. And yes, she is my daughter and I’m very proud of her.


You can reach Megan as @meganberry and now also as @liftfive on Twitter, or visit the new website at

I’ll conclude with this quote, from her announcement:

I will be helping startups grow communities through LiftFive, a new company I’m starting in partnership with Lerer Ventures. I’m moving to NYC to work out of the Lerer Ventures space with Paul Berry on the Soho Tech Lab incubator and RebelMouse, as well as helping out other Lerer Venture companies. I’m also happy to say I will be continuing to work with Klout for some time as part of a transition.

Congratulations. A great launch today. Very exciting.


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