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Make Your Rebelmouse Website Real-time

(Update: Rebelmouse is still going strong in 2021, but the main content of this 2013 blog post has been vastly updated since then.)

Traffic on has soared to more than 15 million unique visits monthly, and some major brands and media (Time, NBC, Burger King, ESPN) have caught on and are using it regularly. That success with enterprise makes it a good business move to open up more to individuals and small business. Which means even more traffic.

How can you use this in your business? Rebelmouse channels a social media stream to a website. In effect, it turns your social media engagement, or choices you make with hashtags or other blogs, into a perpectually-updating automatic website. This turns social media into a tangible web asset you can use.

Yesterday Dan Lyons posted Top Marketers Raving About Rebelmouse in Hubspot. And my favorite example is where I consolidate all my blog posts, automatically, at, which uses Rebelmouse to automatically catch all my blog posts using RSS feeds. And I also use it for our

(Disclosure: I’m quite biased. Proud, actually, because the founder of Rebelmouse is my daughter Andrea Breanna.)


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