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Is This Mad Men Then or Silicon Valley Now?

A lot has happened during my lifetime to give women more and better choices. What you see in the TV drama Mad Men about how hard the business world was for women, back then, is what I remember from those times. So there has been progress.

But damn, let’s not confuse progress towards equality with equality.

Read “Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem” on Mother Jones. It’s good Journalism, not muckraking. You’ll be amazed that this is happening now, and in Silicon Valley. Calendar girls, frat-boy bragging, and general stupidity. But it is. Take my word for it, I know it does.

What? Not in some fictional way back when, but in 2012? Who’s going to believe that?

I am.

I don’t like it. This is bad for all. My suggestions:

  1. Acknowledge that it’s still true.
  2. Speak out against it.
  3. Don’t let it happen in the environments you influence.

What do you think?


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