Lots of Good Short Business Stories in Video

Wow. Take a look at an amazing collection of small business and startup stories at Intuit’s Story Gallery.

This is a collection of very short and easy-to-watch videos about different businesses. There are startups, nonprofits, lots of small personal businesses, some restaurants, some make-up artists, music lessons, dance, gyms, a real variety of different businesses.

What they’ve done is put together their stories, in short videos, in the hope of winning grants of up to $25,000 from Intuit.

People have been voting on these for several weeks. You can sort them according to the votes so far, to get the most inspirational, the most useful, and the funniest.

And if you register, which is free, to become a member of the Intuit site — I can’t think of a good reason not to — then you can also vote on your own favorites.

Warning: you can get lost in this. It’s only a few minutes per clip, but it’s hard to stop clicking for the next one.

Contest view


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