Jing: Cool Tool, and Here’s a Sample

Jing’s an interesting example of keeping it simple. Do one thing well, no frills necessary. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing tipped me off (thanks John) with a recent post. I picked it up quickly and did the quick mini slide talk here in about five minutes.

(If for any reason you don’t see the video below, please click here to get the original file.)

This is one of my favorite presentation slides, and favorite planning fundamentals, the important difference between planning and accounting:

Jing is published by TechSmith, which also makes Camtasia Studio, a $300 product that I often use for doing online slide presentations, sometimes for other things. It’s free. I downloaded, installed, set up a video capture around the slide, talked into my USB headset, saved, and posted it onto this blog.

The idea spreads itself. I got it when I saw John’s post on it, and you have it now. Click the download link that appears after you see my video, or go to the Jing Project.


  • Matthew Scott says:


    You're a Mac guy.

    Try Screenflow. Blows jing out of water at a very affordable price.

    Interested in recording video while also incorporating your slides, you speaking into webcam, and with the help of a teleprompter that only you can see? Check-out Video Cue Pro.


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