It’s Easier to Build a Business Than Find a New Spouse.

Here’s a thought: a healthy relationship makes both of the people better for it. Both people win, or neither one wins. Are you better, and better off, because of your spouse? Is your spouse better, or better off, because of you?

And then there’s business, life, and relationships. Is your relationship better off for your business? Is your business better off for your relationship? Shouldn’t they be?

I happened to notice what Darren Rowse  called The #1 Reason My Blogging Grew Into a Business. Darren does Problogger, so he is one of the 10  or 20 most successful small business bloggers in the world. Here’s his #1 reason:

The funny thing about this moment is that it wasn’t a discovery of some secret way to make money blogging, it wasn’t the day I started one of my blogs… in fact it was a moment that didn’t immediately lead to any particular change on my blogs – because it was largely something that happened in my mind – a paradigm shifting moment.

It all started with 9 words from my wife ‘You’ve got 6 months to make blogging full time.’

Now that is relationships making people better, and relationships making businesses better.


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